Mommy School Day 2: Letter B

The girls were very excited to start school on Tuesday. I was worried the novelty of Mommy School would be gone, but they were more excited for the second day than the first, so that was promising. My lesson today included: Bears, banana math, the body, balance, and Brazil.

We started the second day as we did the first. We opened with the morning song, calendar, weather, schedule and brainstorming words that begin with the letter “b.”


We also talked about what we liked and didn’t like about the first day and that helped me keep in mind to be flexible and take breaks as we need them rather than worry about being done by a certain time of day because of their “attention span.”

The truth is, these activities can be done at any time of the day, it’s just best to do the writing and math in the morning when their minds are fresh. During the day as they played and wanted to engage with me we could pick up any of these activities and lessons later on or we would just play. (I’m not ONLY about school. Haha.)

B is for…

During our brainstorm for the letter “b” they had a lot more words to contribute. In fact, we kept adding words throughout the day as we thought of them. It was a fun continuous activity the whole family could do together, which we all really liked — “Bath! Bubbles! Brush teeth! Books! Bed time!”


We kicked off our letter “b” day by reading “Brave Bear” by Sean Taylor. We love the illustrations in this book and I like that it’s about a kind and sensitive dad bear and cub.


Later during our lesson about the body we read the “Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor.” It has some good lessons about keeping our bodies healthy and not being afraid of getting shots or talking to your doctor. (Good advice given what’s going on in the world right now.) I really wanted to read the “Too Much Junk Food” one because it has pictures of the all the body systems, but I couldn’t find in in our library.

Anyway, after reading “Brave Bear,” we had share time and both girls brought bears, obviously. Ha. It was cute to hear them recount who bought the bears for them and why they enjoy playing with them.


For our lesson on bears I wanted to integrate scientific facts about bears and humans love for storytelling of bears because I had hoped they would want to write a story about bears. Alas, they did not, so we just kept to learning about bears. Here are some good bear facts, but there’s a really good video linked below.


We began by writing down everything we knew about bears and then I showed them this informative video by National Geographic about bears.

We filled in the new information we learned and then moved on to banana math which they were really excited about. (I still need to add the sun bear, sloth bear, asiatic bear, and spectacled bear to our chart, but wanted to get this post up for you!)

Banana Math

They really like the giant illustrated math pages with fruit. And of course we followed up with slicing a real banana in 1/3 and 1/6 and talked about fractions again.


Eating the banana was a highlight. Next, we made some banana bread using their grandma’s recipe. We talked about measurements and how fractions are used in recipes.

We also worked on some number and letter worksheets while we waited for the banana bread to bake.


Our unit on the body included talking about the different systems (nervous, digestive, etc.) and how they help us function and stay healthy. We talked about what the main organs do for us and then the girls did their own mock anatomy craft.

I like this kind of stuff so I can just talk about it, but if you want some songs or videos, this is a good round-up of them by Primary Theme Park.

Hazel was really interested in making it look exactly like the example I showed her, but Lola was more into her artistic expression. I was very happy with how both turned out.

We had a lot of fun doing this activity. I had found and printed these worksheets, but we didn’t end up using them even though they’re so cute. I’m saving them for another day because they’re terrific.


After lunch, I wanted to tie in what we discussed about the body to integrating some movement. We talked about yoga, ballet, gymnastics and all the activities you do that require balance and how our brain, bones and muscles work together to enable us to do everything.

We even practiced telling our “brains” to do something and then making our body move. We followed up with doing some yoga that turned into dancing, Simon Says and wrestling, because we are silly and isolated from the world! I love doing yoga with my girls, so I definitely want to try to fit it into our routine when they’re interested.


The girls seemed done with school so we didn’t cover Brazil until after dinner. I was surprised Hazel wanted to continue school, but I’m really glad we did. I was just going to talk about it using these facts about Brazil, but everyone seemed tired.

We sat together and watched a video about Brazil and then I drew a map for us and we unpacked all that we had learned about the country by putting it onto a poster. I think having visuals was really inspiring and they enjoyed it. If you don’t want to show that video, these photos from Nat Geo Kids are great.


It was like a fun family game to think about all the most interesting things we had learned from the video. Then we looked at the world map to place it in our minds in relationship to California, USA.

And that was our day with the letter “b.” Hope you are all doing well and feeling alright!

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